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Client Testimonials

  • Veda Advantage: Hana Fuimaono - Customer Services Operations Manager

    Therese McNaughten has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. She is friendly and easy to talk to; she definitely understands our business needs. We have tried various recruitment agencies, Wholeoranges is by far the most in-depth and thorough service for candidate screening we have used.

    Wholeoranges gives us great piece of mind that we're getting the best quality candidates we can source for our company.

    The calibre of candidates that we have recruited from Wholeoranges is far and above any that I have seen in other agencies. We are always spoilt for choice. Any position that becomes vacant in our customer services team Therese is the first person I contact without question.

  • Multiple Sclerosis: Therese Russel - General Manager

    We engaged the services of Wholeoranges when our Society restructured. We needed to fill three positions, a Fundraising & Marketing Manager, an Office Manager and an Office Assistant.

    Wholeoranges very quickly presented a recruitment plan and time frame to us. From there on in it was a ‘breeze’. They handled all the applications and selected the best of three candidates for each position. We ended up being spoilt for choice as all applicants were awesome.

    Wholeoranges provided regular feedback, presented an overview for each applicant, arranged all interviews, and were extremely professional throughout the whole process. They adhered to the time frame and we employed new staff on the exact date that had been agreed on.

    Wholeoranges took the stress out of this restructure, they saved me both time and money and the excellent communication meant that I was part of the whole process but didn’t have to spend much of my time involved in it.

    We would certainly not hesitate using the services of Wholeoranges again. We would highly recommend this very professional company.

  • Cardinal Logisitcs: Tony Gorton - Director

    Cardinal Logistics has utilised the services of Wholeoranges with respect to two key senior management appointments over the last 18 months. I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism and expertise demonstrated by Therese McNaughten on both occasions.

    Her ability to attract the most appropriate candidates through gaining a clear understanding of not just the role we were looking to fill, but also the company and our culture to ensure that we secured not only the right quality of candidate, but also someone who was the "right fit" within the business.

    Therese clearly is a great listener and puts huge amount of thought into her advertisements and as a result receives replies from a select number of potential candidates who fitted exactly the profile we needed. Needless to say we quickly filled both these keys roles thanks to her proficiency and thorough job on each occasion.

    Therese's interaction in all aspects of our dealings has been a breath of fresh air since our relationship with her began in terms of her contagious enthusiasm and highly professional approach to all aspect of our business relationship. We received regular updates as to her progress and the standard of documentation and information is always of the highest calibre. Therese takes great pride in all aspects of her services and her results speak for themselves.

    Needless to say that we need look no further when it comes to any future critical high level recruitments for our business as she certainly has delivered a 100% success rate with two key personnel who in the relatively short time they have been us, have well and truly met with and exceeded our expectations.

    I can highly recommend to any business looking to fill roles at senior management level that they certainly speak to Therese at Wholeoranges in the first instance as I am confident that based on my own experience she will definitely deliver the results you are looking for.

  • Global Manufacturing Firm: Gloria - Human Resources Manager

    Therese McNaughten, Director of Wholeoranges is an accomplished recruiter who has over the past year successfully filled 3 positions for my company. It is a pleasure working with her.

    Every stage of the process was done professionally with an exemplary level of communication. The feedback and candidate reports were well written and informative.

    Therese's passion for her work and her intuition together make for great recruitment.

  • Ingersoll Rand: Colleen - Human Resources

    Wholeoranges has filled numerous positions for us, they are easy to do business with, they take initiative, the quality of candidate and the documentation is excellent.

    You only need one great candidate and Therese knows what we need and finds the best the market has to offer.

    I cannot fault the effort put into each project. There is excellent communication throughout and we are very satisfied with nearly 10 years of business partnership.

  • Veda: Margaret Nimmo - Manager, People & Performance

    Veda has been very impressed with the quality of service received from Wholeoranges. We had a few initial reservations that they might not be able to source the quality and quantity of candidates that we wanted, given their size and boutique nature; however, we were more than happy with the end result - so much so that we went back to them again.

    Therese took a lot of trouble to find out exactly what sort of culture we have in our call centre, and put forward a small number of excellent candidates. It was so difficult to distinguish between the last two that we ended up taking them both!

    At all times Wholeoranges kept us fully informed of progress and I understand from talking to our candidates that they were equally impressed with the personal service they experienced. We will definitely be using them again.

  • Rheem New Zealand Limited: Philip Sawle - Plant Manager

    I have been very pleased with the abilities of Wholeoranges to understand our requirements on what sort of candidate we were looking for in terms of talent, skills and expectations along with the right cultural fit for our organisation and putting forward for interviewing only those that have met those requirements.

    Recruiting can be a time consuming and expensive process if the agency is not in tune with your needs. I am pleased to say that the Wholeoranges experience over three placements has been very efficient and accurate making the recruiting process both simple and successful with the selected candidates going on to be valuable members of the Rheem Team.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Wholeoranges as a very professional and high achieving organisation which I am sure will produce the correct results every time.

Candidate Testimonials

  • Rachel Harris - HR Manager

    My experience of Wholeoranges Consulting was positive from the moment communication was first established.

    What began as an email enquiry on my part quickly formed into regular communication from Therese which was very attentive, timely and courteous.

    It was immediately apparent that Therese was highly engaged in the campaign she was managing as I was never left wanting for information or guidance. I felt very comfortable in sharing any concerns I had with Therese so she became what I regarded as a confidante – she would follow-up any questions I had with the prospective employer, and generally act for me in what I felt was a very genuine way.

    I concede to having had a few ‘what ifs’ as I progressed through the recruitment phase, however Therese was able to put my mind at ease, and reassure me at all steps of the process.

    It is very clear that Therese invests a significant amount of time and energy into her work. It didn’t matter whether it was 2pm or 10pm, Wednesday or Sunday, she was available to talk or follow-up on any matters. I believe this is the key point of difference between Wholeoranges and other companies I have used – Therese doesn’t clock off at 5pm, as she recognises that candidate requirements can be 24/7. I have not experienced the degree of follow-up and attentiveness with any other company as I did with Therese.

    I believe this ‘boutique’ feel to her service is unique.

  • Dennis - HR Advisor: Cardinal Logistics

    My experience with Wholeoranges has been nothing short of fantastic.

    Throughout the whole process I was well informed about where things were at, and Therese went an extra mile to make sure that my CV was well presented and that I was prepared for the interviews.

    The more personal nature by which Wholeoranges dealt with my application was definitely a plus, and is what sets Wholeoranges apart from most other recruitment agencies I have worked with.

  • Aroha Henry - Manager Member Services: The National Foundation of the Deaf

    My expectations were met by Wholeoranges consulting, the support and guidance was very valuable and I know that this is why I got the position. When I saw the advertisement I knew I had the skill sets for the role and when approached by Wholeoranges Consulting I was very impressed on how they understood the role and how I could possibly be the ideal candidate.

    The recruitment process was the best I have ever been through, Wholeoranges Consultancy knew exactly what they needed to do for me, and the process was exciting because they kept me involved all the way, the coaching was the best, and it really prepared me for the interviews I was involved in. The overall customer relationship management process was perfect, always professional, frequency of communication was great and the advice and understanding shown throughout the placement process was more than I expected. Throughout the entire process I felt cared for especially when my referee checks were been conducted. Wholeoranges Consultancy knew how to prepare and support me when attending interview and gave me very useful documentation to use in my interview. I really enjoyed the level of career care support I had never experienced such great support before especially been my first placement in the private sector. Love hearing from Therese and her continuing support of me post placement into my new job.

    As for the overall performance and delivery of service, the Wholeoranges Consultancy team is a boutique recruitment company that knows how to match people’s past careers to new careers. Most of all they truly support you till you reach your full potential in a job that they know should be yours. Love it and love the work that Wholeoranges Consultancy do to help people like me.

    Wholeoranges Consultancy was my second experience with a recruitment company. When I was made redundant with my previous employer, I was offered to undertake some training with another recruitment company. I did the training and found that experience very rewarding. However, with Wholeoranges Consultancy I experienced overwhelming support, I was absolutely thrilled by all the support I received. If I hadn’t been prepared by Wholeoranges Consultancy I am quite sure I am have tripped up along the way.

    Wholeoranges Consultancy gave me everything I needed to succeed, I am very thankful!

  • Pam Smith - Fundraising and Marketing Coordinator: MS Auckland

    I found Wholeoranges went out of their way to ensure I put myself forward for this role in the best possible manner. Therese was patient and understanding and encouraged me to be thorough with my application.

    Her feedback was excellent and she treated me like a real person and not just someone to fill a position. I feel that she looked at the overall fit of the team she employed to fit within the organisation. Her contact was on time and she followed up on everything she said she would at all times.

    I felt comfortable at all times with Therese and took on her advice on a positive note and as a means to get the role rather than a personal criticism.

    I have not enjoyed many experiences with other recruitment companies. Most are more intent on filling a role than helping a candidate find a position that suited them. Wholeoranges were the complete opposite and I do think had I not got the role Therese would have found me another one. Her contact with me was always positive and encouraging.

  • Melanie Thompson - Product Advisory Officer: Veda Advantage

    From the moment I met Therese she has made me feel comfortable, prepared and provided me with the essential skills to get a job offer within 30 minutes of leaving my interview with Veda.

    Therese helped me every step of the way from my application to emailing me at my new job to see how I’ve settled. It’s nice to have someone helping you with the process when things are feeling daunting.

    I believe Therese has screened me correctly to suit the position and her friendly professional approach is fantastic.

    I would 100% go back to Therese if I was looking for another position as she has the experience and capabilities to provide me with the job I need.

    Wholeoranges provided the best experience I’ve had with the whole recruitment process, I find most recruitment agencies treat you as just a number whereas the career support Wholeoranges provides you with is much more hands on, which makes it unique but supportive. Truly Awesome!

    Thanks again Therese

  • Lesley Maka - Customer Service - Subscriber: Veda Advantage

    I would firstly like to say it was a pleasure working with Therese McNaughten. She made the whole process easy for me. She was able to understand what type of role I was interested in and made it happen for me. My expectations were met from day one. By working with Wholeoranges I was able to gain the support and tips needed in order to land this role.

    Therese was able to work with me giving me much needed advice on how to approach an interview and what Veda Advantage was looking for in an individual. By taking all the tools and tips Therese gave me I was able to be confident in the interview and was able to explain why I would be the best candidate for this role.

    Throughout the whole recruitment process Therese was such an amazing help for me. She sent me interview tips, coaching tips on the phone and one on one coaching. By having regular communication I was able to understand what was needed in order to land this role.

    I felt my experience with Wholeoranges was an amazing experience. By comparing Wholeoranges with other recruitment companies I am happy to say Wholeoranges has to be the best recruitment company around. Wholeoranges is a recruitment company who cares and wants their candidates to succeed. Being able to work with a friendly and supportive recruitment company it encouraged me to go for this subscriber role here at Veda Advantage. The whole experience went great from first meeting Therese; she is very passionate about helping her candidates land the role. She will put her candidate’s needs first then will find something suitable for them.

    I will recommend anyone who wants a career change to contact Wholeoranges. I know they will not be disappointed. Thank you so much Therese for your ongoing efforts.

  • Jacqueline Thurairaju - Customer Service - Public: Veda Advantage

    Wholeoranges Service the recruiter Therese was very helpful and supportive towards my application. I didn’t expect this at all as other recruiter agencies wouldn’t have put much effort into a candidate as Therese did on me. She made sure the job description was clear enough for a candidate to understand what was going to be involved in the new role. She equipped me with the interview questions and tips as the best way to approach them when being interviewed by Veda Advantage.

    Therese (Wholeoranges) put the time and effort always to keep me in the loop of what was happening with the interview stages with the client. I was very impress with the recruitment process as there was not a day wasted through phone interview, face-to-face interview with Therese, interview questions advice, extensive coaching tips and also a run-down of quick questions on the phone on the same day before meeting Veda Advantage.

    Therese made sure everything was spot on. Therese made sure I was confident and ready for the position. She motivated me through-out the interview process.

    I am very happy to have found a position in Veda Advantage. Since I have started working here, I feel this company will really help me establish my career path in future. The team at Veda Advantage are very helpful and kind. I am so glad that Therese from Wholeoranges made all this happen for me.

    Compared to Wholeoranges, all recruitment agencies would not have spent this much time and effort getting a candidate ready for a Client interview at all. They wouldn’t have sat and given a through one-on-one mentor/support training session for me. I was pretty shocked with what I went through with Therese – I was so impressed. I am so glad I came across Wholeoranges by meeting Therese.

  • Kylie - Product Marketing Manager: Global Manufacturing Firm

    Overall the service provided by Therese as Wholeoranges was brilliant. Having interviewed with a number of agencies over a few years for various roles I can honestly say the process, the service, the feedback and the whole experience was the best I have ever come across.

    Therese provided constant updates and feedback on the process and my progress so I never felt like I was ill informed.

    I had a wonderful experience and I truly believe that it was the "over and above" aspects of the process that lead to my being offered the position, with a good package, that I currently hold today.

    It has been 12 months since I started and have had a number of quick follow-ups from Therese since, which is a credit to a company that actual cares.

    Certainly if I move on I will contact Therese to help me seek out the role I am after and would, and have, recommended her & the team to friends & family.

    I think the biggest asset that Wholeoranges has is the want & ability to coach people through an interview process. Therese encouraged me to pre-plan for my interviews through filling in various interview preparation documents she supplied.

    Therese offered more than a go between, she became a teacher as such which is an absolute point of difference vs. any other recruitment company I have been involved with.

  • Nick Fitness - Associate Adviser: Macquarie Private Wealth NZ

    Wholeoranges approach to the recruitment process exceeded expectations. In my opinion, there are a large number of recruitment firms and experience has shown me that many are focussed on commission by channelling candidates to open roles. Wholeoranges approach was geared at putting the candidate first and by acting in their best interests. This was achieved by working very closely with me to find opportunities rather than waiting for opportunities to come to them. Their professional network and ability to get to senior people was critical in securing my role.

    The recruitment process started with significant discussion about my goals and objectives, followed by an in-depth collaborative review of my curriculum vitae, geared towards marketing me as a candidate to selectively targeted firms. Communication throughout the recruitment process was excellent, from seeking opportunities, arranging meetings and seeking feedback. In addition the level of additional support such as pre and post interview briefing/debriefing and interview training again exceeded expectations.

    The key difference between Wholeoranges and other recruiters is the friendly personalised service. Being boutique has its advantages in this department. Also what was reassuring was the experience of the consultants who are well established in the industry and have a large network of client firms and business contacts to call upon.

    Executive coaching, on presentation delivery and body language was not only valuable in interview preparation but also professional development. Discussions introducing key concepts such as toolbox and core competencies were also beneficial in interview prep.

  • Petra Priest - Quality Manager: Cardinal Logistics

    Wholeoranges was extremely supportive during the interviewing process, giving constructive feedback on conducting a successful interview. The documentation about the interviews and feedback was clear and unambiguous.

    I found Wholeoranges to be very professional at all times and very caring.

    The big difference was the constructive, helpful and invaluable feedback on the interview performance. That was amazingly helpful! Extremely good techniques and suggestions on improving oneself!

    I would recommend Wholeoranges to anybody!

  • Fati Paese - Client Services: Ingersoll Rand

    I feel Therese understood my work history really well and was able to give me tips on how to improve my CV.

    The Communication was excellent; I was informed about the process & status of the process from the beginning through to the end.

    I absolutely loved the interview tips Therese was very professional, positive and informative.

    Therese took a lot of her own time out to assist with anything she felt I needed to improve in to prepare me for the interview - very supportive and positive.

  • Suparna Goswami - Customer Services: Veda

    Therese conducted the recruitment process in a highly systematic and organised fashion. Her response to the submission of my CV on Seek was very prompt. I was given a precise outline of what the recruitment process was to be like.

    The first round of interview was accompanied by a clear explanation of the job description of the role that I was being offered. I was given a vivid picture of where and how the interview would be conducted including the names of the managers who would be conducting them.

    She was in constant communication with me and kept me abreast of my progress at the interview, guiding me to the next stage of the interviewing process. I was quite touched by the gifts I received from Wholeoranges on my success of securing the job. I was given a calendar, a booklet for work life balance with some very interesting tips and foremost a card wishing me success in my new role, signed by Therese.

    I felt that this was a rare combination of professionalism and personal care. This I felt is in keeping with the company's attempt of offering a refreshingly new outlook to the recruitment process. I truly appreciated this post placement follow up and care provided by Wholeoranges Consulting. Thus, overall, I found Wholeoranges Consulting to be providing an extremely efficient, prompt and thorough recruitment service to a job seeker such as myself.

Executive Coaching Testimonials

  • Christine - Senior Management Professional: Preparation for Interviewing in the NZ Job Market Feedback

    I contacted Therese to help me prepare for an interview in the NZ job market after a significant time working abroad.

    She provided me with very handy tips on the approach I should take, the type of questions I would be asked, and guidance on what I should be asking. I also found the information on her company website to be very helpful.

    I found I was over prepared for the interview which is a very good thing and I was successful in getting the job.

    I can't recommend Therese more highly.

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